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NCDP Chair, Transgender Caucus & LGBTQ+ Democrats Of NC Condemn House Bill 358

On the anniversary of HB2, Republicans in the North Carolina State House introduced House Bill 358, which targets transgender youth and seeks to ban transgender youth from participating in sports teams and athletics.

NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson, NCDP Transgender Political Caucus President Angela Bridgman, and LGBTQ+ Democrats of NC Auxiliary President Ginger Walker released a joint statement condemning the bill.

“House Bill 358 has nothing to do with sports and everything to do with hate. On the five-year anniversary of one of the darkest days in our state’s history, Republicans in the General Assembly continue to promote baseless fears and target the transgender community. It’s cruel and deeply harmful, but North Carolina Democrats won’t stand for it. Young people across our state deserve the opportunity to participate in team sports, regardless of gender identity. We will continue to do everything we can to protect transgender youth, fight for equality, and call out Republicans in the General Assembly for their dangerous and partisan attacks.”

House Bill 358 follows a wave of bills across the country to block transgender athletes from participating in sports, but according to Dr. Eric Vilain, a pediatrician and geneticist who studies sex differences in athletes, “there are no good faith reasons to limit transgender women’s participation in sports, especially at the high school level.” She says the bills “aren’t based in scientific evidence” and “target women who have either a different biology or … simply look different.”

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