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Happy Transgender Awareness Week 2021!

This is a week to share trans stories and experiences, while bringing attention to transgender advocacy issues. Like many, this includes better healthcare access and equitable social justice reforms. Efforts to secure legal safety should include passing anti-discrimination ordinances and codifying those protections into federal law.

Prejudicial legislation such as the notorious “bathroom bill” harmfully targets transgender communities, eliciting hateful and divisive rhetoric from elected officials, who should instead be working diligently to uplift marginalized communities. This year sets a grim record for the number of deaths associated with trans violence. On November 20th, we ask you take a few moments to recognize those we’ve lost with a Trans Day of Remembrance.

Through tackling larger systemic issues in our society, activists can focus on the issues that hit closest to home. This includes increased access and personal confidence when speaking with counselors or doctors, especially for individuals wanting to transition. We must combat blatantly inaccurate public perception, such as discussions surrounding trans-athletes’ participation in sports.

Our intersectional queer community have historically overcome challenges against bigotry and ignorance. Black women have fought two-fold for their right to vote. Gay men rallied to bring a national spotlight on the AIDS crisis. Queer immigrants remind us that a larger challenge against fear and hatred lies outside the boundaries of the United States. Being an ally requires action, and we must organize and fight for trans rights, human rights, together. 

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