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Accountability April

There have been a lot of foolish things happening recently, as we first saw Rep. Tricia Cotham from Mecklenburg County changed their party flag to Republican and immediately signed onto anti-trans legislation. This not only gives them a supermajority and the ability to override Governor Cooper’s veto power, but also highlights the difference in how Democrats hold elected officials accountable.

Party of Accountability vs. Party of Hypocrisy

After skipping out on a veto override and removing county-level background checks on gun purchases, Democrats across the state were concerned about what other legislation legislators were willing to compromise on. As we continue to hear about a “radical left wing” and “ideology of wokeness” being used to disparage, Democrats reached out to their elected officials to ensure they are standing strong against discriminatory policies, attacks on healthcare and reproductive freedom, voter suppression or partisan gerrymandering, and the equitable funding of our public education system.

Hate-”Full of It” Speech

Attacks on people’s families and threats of violence are never the answer, and is something we have been fighting against in and out of politics. Media and constituents have consistently pointed out the anti-LGBTQ rhetoric from the top elected official in the NC GOP, Lt. Governor Mark Robinson. Yet, not a single Republican leader or legislator has condemned this behavior.

When we hear Rep. Cotham says she is triggered by being called an “ammosexual”, everyone from the queer community and other marginalized communities has years of history can empathize with and send thoughts and prayers over being called such a hurtful name.

“Bless You, Pray On It!”

A further sign that conservative rhetoric is out-of-touch with reality is the idea that faith is not a strong institution within the Democratic Party as a whole. While we recognize some of the harmful impacts of religion such as conversion therapy; however, it has also provided a profound sense of community and spiritual resolve for queer people, but abundantly within black and brown communities. This ignorant dissociation from reality is further highlighted by the complete lack of diversity and representation when standing with pastors.

People seeking progressive policies in NC must remember the historical and cultural impact that religion has in our state and across the Southeast. There will be a diverse slate of opinions on how to traverse issues, not only between political parties but also from different followers of faith. That same infrastructure is not seen in areas like Michigan or Wisconsin, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find similar electoral success.

Be on the lookout for more legislative updates, but [homework] check out one or two highlights below:

Legislative Updates (NCGA Calendar)

  1. Trans Athletes and Title IX - President Biden received considerable blowback for an offered update that does at least make it more difficult to discriminate, making very narrow exceptions similar to what traditional women’s rights advocates fought for. Status In Review

  2. A Red Wave of Legislation - With a veto-proof supermajority, we are likely to see a litany of dangerous legislation impacting economic, social, educational, and health standards. Status TBD

  3. Tennessee Three - We must remain vigilant and keep an eye on legislators in Raleigh trying to push similar resolutions here in NC. Status Cautiously optimistic!

Judicial Updates

  1. Fortune Favors…Justice? - A new report shows Justice Clarence Thomas, who has been consistently under fire for questionable ethics, is found to have a close relationship with a Texas billionaire. Status Somehow worse than Judge Berger Jr deciding cases involving his dad!

  2. Trump Indicted - Everyone has been waiting for this moment, but this was merely listing out the ingredients for the recipe. Status Patience

  3. Judicial Overreach - Israelis took to the streets to protest recent legislative proposals to overtake the country’s Judicial branch, similar to the partisan takeover seen here in North Carolina. Status Fired up? Ready to go?

Campaign Updates

  1. Wanna help submit Platforms or Resolutions? Campaign for a candidate? Take a look at our committees and local chapters.

  2. We have training available for people wanting to get involved either as a candidate. Reach out to

  3. Municipal Elections are coming up, check your voter registration to see if you need to vote!


A monthly $5-10 donation goes a long way to help us host engaging events, promote better legislation, and elect queer candidates! (try it out here!)

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